16th February 2019

  • Leg 1 – Auckland to Mangonui 160nm
  • Leg 2 – Mangonui to Stewart Island 920nm
  • Leg 3 – Stewart Island to Napier 620mn
  • Leg 4 – Napier to Auckland 370nm
  • PRIZEGIVING – 29th March 2019 – RNZYS

RNI is getting closer! Be sure to check out the Round New Zealand page and SSANZ Facebook as content will be coming thick and fast as we get closer to this GREAT race.

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$70. Simple.

SSANZ is the cheapest, best value, Yachting New Zealand affiliated yacht club in New Zealand. With great races such as the ENDURO 250, the always popular TRIPLE SERIES, and the incredible yachting challenges like ROUND NORTH ISLAND and ROUND NEW ZEALAND.

2019 Sailing Calendar

  • Round New Zealand – 16th February
  • Chains Ropes & Anchors ENDURO 250 – 9th/10th May (RNI 2020 Qualifier)
  • SSANZ Triple Series 60 – 6th July
  • SSANZ Triple Series 100 – 3rd August
  • SSANZ Triple Series 50 – 31st August

Don’t forget Round North Island – 22nd February 2020. Get planning!

Dr Dave’s Offshore Medic Course March 16th 2019

Our official medical officer Dr Dave Austin is running another offshore medic course March 16th. This course is recommended for RNI entrants and is a great way to learn about first aid at sea in a practical environment and from sailors themselves. Book your place here now as space is limited.


Entries will open on the 1st of April 2019. There will only be 25 spots.

Race starts 22nd February 2020.

Sadly, this is not an April Fools joke. Put it in your diary, set your alarm, do what you have to! Do not miss this great race! Keep checking the page Round North Island 2020 page as the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions will be posted there soon.

Remember the Chains Ropes and Anchors ENDURO 250 is the qualifier and that starts on May 9th 2019. Get writing that job list!

If you’re feeling nostalgic, the old site will be kept running for a while until all the images, results and data are transferred across. Click the button below to take you there.

Check out the 2018 Triple Series Videos. We are completely unbiased, and think these are the best sailing videos on the internet. Enjoy!

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