DesignRoss 40
Sail Number 4750
Length overall 12.2m
Length waterline 11.6m
Beam 3.6m
Draft 2.7m
About the boat:Urban Cowboy, a Ross 40, designed by Murray Ross and built by Ewan Guy, is a well know Ross 40 on the Auckland Scene. Sailed by SSANZ Committee member Mike Grant and Garry Jolliffe, Urban Cowboy will have fellow Ross 40, Satellite Spy, to contend with along with a strong fleet in the 35-40 feet range which should lead to a great battle for line and handicap in the division.
Home baseWesthaven
FacebookUrban Cowboy Racing



NameMike Grant
Relationship to Co – SkipperFriend
Yacht ClubSSANZ
Tell us a little about your sailing history/ backgroundRNZYS Youth Programme. Had a Young 88 for 12 years for Nationals, Coastal’s and endless Rum Races. Been offshore a few times on deliveries and Races including Middle Sea, Round Ireland and Antigua Race Week.
What appeals most about doing the RNIIt’s a good challenge!
What are your essential food items during the race?V. Chocolate and V.
What will your meals be like during the race?Somewhere in the middle. Can’t beat a hot chicken pasta for dinners, sausages for lunch and of course Bacon for breakfast!
What’s your favourite point of sail and why?Broad Reach! Urban loves it!
What do you like most about the boat you are sailing on?The challenge, being with mates and everyday is different!
Describe your skipper/co-skipper in 5 wordsFun, Safe and Drunk.
Tell us about the training and buildup that you have been doing for this race both on and off the water?We’ve only recently got the boat so ticking off a lot of the items that are required for the RNI. Coastal Classic as a good race to stretch her legs this year and White Island is coming up so will be a great hit out for us. The list is long and I think every time I complete a task I find 3 more. So, yeah, better get back to it!
What’s your favourite drink and why?V? Isn’t it obvious.
Will you be taking any luxury items on the race? – If so, what is it and why?Staying warm and well fed is a must, so anything that helps that will be on board. Also, Happy Hour is important!
What’s your biggest fear when you think about the RNI?Not completing it!
Who’s your biggest opposition and why?Satellite Spy (another Ross 40) is also racing. While the boats are quite different, would be good to see how we go.
What sound system do you have on board? What’s likely to be playing?Installed a new Fusion LED system. I think have 10 years worth of Ministry of Sound to get through.
It’s the night before the big race – how do you get your head in the game?I think your head is in the game well before then. All you can really do is try and get some sleep, and attack what happens tomorrow, tomorrow. Either way, it’s going to be fun!


NameGarry Jolliffe
Relationship to Co – SkipperMates
Has anyone in your family ever done the race?Damon on Motorboat II is my brother.
Yacht ClubSSANZ
Tell us a little about your sailing history/ backgroundI have been sailing since birth, growing up cruising on the family yacht. Took to racing during University. I have sailed up and down the East Coast of the North Island several times, but this will be the first time racing.
What appeals most about doing the RNIRNI is all about adventure for me.
What are your essential food items during the race?Bacon. Everything is better with Bacon…!
What sound system do you have on board? What’s likely to be playing?The first piece of race prep was a new set of cockpit speakers. A varied mix is going to be essential to stay focused.