Design Ross 40
Sail Number  6162
Length overall  12.34m
Length waterline  11.12m
Beam  3.6m
Draft  2.85m
About the boat: Satellite Spy, a Ross 40, designed by Murray Ross and built by Nautec Yachts & Alexander, is a well know Ross 40 hailing from the top of the South, with an impressive record in local waters.

Sailed by Matt Kerr & Craig Smith, Satellite Spy has been spotted with a shiny new main, A5 and #3 Jib on board from our mates at Evolution Sails NZ, you can be sure these guys will be pushing hard to be at the front of the pack.

Home base Waikawa
Facebook Satellite Spy Racing


Name Matt Kerr
Relationship to Co – Skipper Have been putting up with sailing together for over 20 years.
Have you done an RNI before? On what boat and when? We went around last time together on Spy.
Tell us a little about your sailing history/ background A bit of sailing in OK’s, Finn’s, FD’s, when they were an Olympic class, I guess that’s dating me.

Started keeler sailing in Wellington on a Young 11 in the 80’s. Sailed for a few years on Mr Roosevelt and then Terminator with Neville Wills.

Have done a few offshore races and pretty much every race out of Wellington at one time or another.

Like a few of the other entrants, we have been sailing in the Elliott 5.9 traveler series for the last three years.

What appeals most about doing the RNI It’s an achievable challenge.
What will your meals be like during the race? Spy has an oven, fridge and freezer. We will be eating well, accompanied by some Marlborough wines.
What’s your favourite point of sail and why? Flat running with a symmetric mast head kite while, hopefully watching the A sail boats disappear over the horizon behind us.
What do you like most about the boat you are sailing on? It has pedigree and history having originally been Murray Ross’s own yacht. It’s also cool sailing a yacht that’s over 30 years old but still competitive in the right conditions.
Describe your skipper/co-skipper in 5 words Cool, calm, experienced, smart arse.
Tell us about the training and buildup that you have been doing for this race both on and off the water? The usual boat maintenance stuff, a few new sails from Evolution. Craig has put an exercise programme together to get us a bit fitter for the race.

We will be delivering Spy to Auckland so will get a bit of practice in then as well.

What’s your favourite drink and why? Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Why? Because it helps pay the bills on Spy!
Will you be taking any luxury items on the race? – If so, what is it and why? Nespresso coffee and good wine.
What’s your biggest fear when you think about the RNI? Gear failure forcing us to retire.
Who’s your biggest opposition and why? Sleep deprivation. Last time around we made some dumb mistakes when we were tired that cost us places.
What sound system do you have on board? What’s likely to be playing? If it’s anything like last time, Josh and Damon will have the sounds covered for the whole fleet!


Name Craig Smith
Have you done an RNI before? Yes! 2017 on Satellite Spy.
Yacht Club SSANZ
Tell us a little about your sailing history/ background Been sailing most of my life, work in the marine industry so always around boats. Numerous offshore races in NZ, Australia and SE Asia.
What appeals most about doing the RNI The challenge of racing a yacht that normally has 9-10 crew with only 2.
What are your essential food items during the race? Beer.
What do you like most about the boat you are sailing on? That it’s such an iconic yacht. Everyone seems to have sailed on it at some point.