DesignCape 40
Sail Number 16522
Length overall 12.9m
Beam 3.7m
Draft 2.9m
About the boat:Mr Kite is a Cape 40 canting keel carbon fibre racing yacht, designed by Andrew Cape and built by Boat Speed Performance in NSW. Originally built in 2005, Mr Kite was built largely as an experimental yacht with self tacking runners, twin canards and many other technological advancements for the time. An extensive refit in 2009, saw her brought her back to a more traditional design, whilst maintaining some of the more radical and technological advancements in modern day yacht racing, the design and construction included a technically advanced canting keel.

Mr Kite has extensive race history across the ditch in Australia. She arrived in New Zealand in early 2019 and is here to shake things up as a very competitive 40 footer. In the 2020 RNI she will be skippered by Nathan Williams & Craig Satterthwaite

Home baseWesthaven


NameCraig Satterthwaite
Relationship to Co – SkipperMates for 30 years, sailed in the RNZYS youth scheme together, best man at my wedding, lots in between.
Have you ever done the RNI before?Yes on Bushido in 2015.
Yacht ClubRNZYS & Milford Cruising Club.
Tell us a little about your sailing history/ backgroundSailing since I was a kid , family cruising and racing in Y88 Tickled Pink and E1050 Sniper.
RNZYS Youth Scheme
4 Volvo Ocean races
2 Americas Cups, win in 2007
Record holder for Fastnet Classic, Transpac, Coastal Classic
Wind Warrior national champ (highlight)
14 National Championships
Won 2015 RNI with Wayne Woods on Bushido
What appeals most about doing the RNIIt is a challenging course, tactics and boathandling, up there in my top 3 fun offshore races of anywhere in the world.
What are your essential food items during the race?Probably need quite a few Snakes (lollies).
What will your meals be like during the race?We have a microwave on board so there will no freeze dried, we will be eating real food !!!!
What’s your favourite point of sail and why?145 TWA in 30 knots.
What do you like most about the boat you are sailing on?Canting keel.
Describe your skipper/co-skipper in 5 wordsSooty.
Tell us about the training and buildup that you have been doing for this race both on and off the water?SSANZ Triple Series, Coastal Classic, White Island.
Boat was new in the country 6 months ago so just learning how to sail it and making sure it will be a finisher!
Who’s your biggest opposition and why?Every dog has its day.
Tell us about your biggest supportersI am sure my kids will like to know how we fare, I often get told not to come home if I do not win.


NameNathan Williams
Relationship to Co – SkipperFriend
Have you ever done the race before?Yes on Provincial Cowboy in 2017.
Tell us a little about your sailing history/ backgroundGrew up sailing dinghies at Murrays Bay, then joined the RNZYS Youth Programme with Harold Bennett in the early 90’s where I sailed with my co-skipper Craig in the Elliott 5.9s. Have owned and raced Etchells, Elliott 5.9s and Young 88s through the years and now own and race our canting keel 12m race yacht Mr Kite with my wife Gill.
What appeals most about doing the RNIGreat challenge to race a boat properly 2 handed over a long distance.
What do you like most about the boat you are sailing on?Fast and relatively easy to sail.
Tell us about the training and buildup that you have been doing for this race both on and off the water?We sailed in the SSANZ Triple Series and the White Island race 2 handed. The boat also will be doing most available fully crewed races over the summer – Gold Cup, Coastal Classic etc.
What’s your biggest fear when you think about the RNI?Not getting everything done on the job list before start day.