Design Pogo 40
Sail Number  155555
Length overall  12.18m
Length waterline  12.18m
Beam  4.5m
Draft  3.0m
About the boat: Krakatoa II will be hoping for some better breeze as they round the top of North Island in next years RNI, after getting stuck in a hole there during the #RNZ2019. But don’t worry they are back again for another lap and hopefully conditions that better suited to the mighty Krakatoa II!

Sailed by Matt Flynn and Scott Wilson, Krakatoa II is a Pogo 40 that will be a familiar sight to SSANZ racers as a regular in our fleet.

Home base Westhaven
Facebook Krakatoa II Racing


Name Matthew Flynn
Age 59
Relationship to Co – Skipper Friends
Have you done an RNI before? On what boat and when? Surething with Andy Anderson , 2006
Krakatoa II with Matt Woodley for the last one
Yacht Club NZ Multihull Yacht Club, RAYC, RNZYS, SSANZ
Tell us a little about your sailing history/ background Been sailing for 50 years. Yikes! From Islington bay, to Antartica and plenty of places in between, on some great boats, with great people and lots of adventures. A multihull enthusiast at heart, Krakatoa II is the first boat I have owned with a keel and a fitted toilet. Luxury at last. Racing, cruising and just mucking about on boats, its all good.
What appeals most about doing the RNI Great course, challenging sailing, great company and nothing like a bit of sleep deprivation occasionally.
What are your essential food items during the race? My daughters “race cookies”. A double batch for this race. Epic food item for hard sailing.
What will your meals be like during the race? On a single burner cooker, its delicious but not deluxe!
What’s your favourite point of sail and why? On the Krak its full ballast, 110 in 18-20knts Fractional up,reef in the main, very nice.
What do you like most about the boat you are sailing on? Its a tough, reliable and fast boat I would take anywhere .Its also got lots of space, simple, but very functional, well designed and well built. Nicely set up for short handed sailing.
Describe your skipper/co-skipper in 5 words Great sailor, easy going and good company.
Tell us about the training and buildup that you have been doing for this race both on and off the water? Round NZ was a good test for us and the boat.
What’s your favourite drink and why? Coffee- its delicious!!
It’s the night before the big race – how do you get your head in the game? Focus on the first leg, sailing safely and enjoying ourselves.


Name Scott Wilson
Age 36
Relationship to Co – Skipper I first sailed with Matt in the 2019 RNZ, It was great fun so we have decided to do the 2020 RNI
Have you done an RNI before? On what boat and when? No, did the RNZ 2019 on Krakatoa II
Tell us a little about your sailing history/ background At the age of 18 I joined the RNZYS Youth Programme coached by Kevin Peet and Sara Roberts (now Tucker). I spent two years in the scheme which taught me a huge amount about sailing skills, but also about life. From there I did all of the possible local offshore races on Hydroflow, an Elliott 50 owned by Ron Brittain. In 2006 I headed to Europe to captain a RP72 in the Mediterranean, followed by a stint in Italy (both 2007 and 2010) running a Farr 78, and in both 2009 and 2010 captain and race crew on a Cookson 50, Lee Overlay Partners, taking part in the Antigua 600 and Race Week, and all major European offshore regattas. Followed by the Dubai to Muscat race in 2013 (which we were briefed by the Navy about high speed smuggling boats – quite interesting).
What’s your favourite point of sail and why? Would have to be blast reaching – the boat is made for this!
Describe your skipper/co-skipper in 5 words Great all round guy! Very calm under pressure.
What’s your favourite drink and why? A icy cold blue Powerade is something I won’t go to sea without.
Tell us about your biggest supporters Very supportive wife and 2 boys – my eldest Toby is just mad on checking the progress tracker every waking hour!