The response has been unbelievable and has definitely created some challenges the committee now needs to address.  Namely the berthage of yachts in both Wellington and Napier.  But what a good problem to have, we didn’t envisage such great support for RNI 2020.  This is unprecedented.

Below is the current wait list ordered by when each boat contacted SSANZ after the entries were closed. If any of the current entries drop out SSANZ will contact the boats in this order. Each boat will have 24 hours to enter and pay the entry fee, otherwise they forfeit their place and we move on down the list. So be ready, anything could happen.  It’s important to note that entries are NOT transferable.

We will announce any changes through the website and Facebook.

We appreciate your patience through this and we hope to include everyone who wish’s to compete in this epic race.

  1. Ballistic
  2. Miss Scarlett
  3. Stinger
  4. Truxton
  5. Higher Ground
  6. Coppelia
  7. Cory McLennan
  8. Race Boat
  9. Katana
  10. Arbitare
  11. Cool Change
  12. Odyssey V
  13. Rodney Keenan
  14. Don’t stop me now!!!
  15. Sniper
  16. Garden Ornament (Suburban Reptile)
  17. Smak

Boat NameTypeSkipper
AnarchyYD37AJ Reid
Duty FreeFarr 1220Andrew Mackmurdie
ActivatorHauraki 45Andrew Peat
AtamaiBeneteau First 44.7Bryon Wright
Motorboat IIElliott 10.5Damon Jolliffe
The GuaranteeRoss 1066Geoff Herd
DistractionFarr 1020Guy Mannering
BullisticBull 12000James McCarthy
Fifth DimensionBeneteau First 36.7Yuri Schokking
Gale ForceElliott 1050Kenneth Ormandy
Satellite SpyRoss 40Matt Kerr
PelagianStewart 34Kurt Boyle
Urban CowboyRoss 40Mike Grant
Deep ThrottleShaw 9Ned Dalbeth-Hudson
Mr KiteCape 40Nathan Williams
C U LaterRoss 8mLogan Fraser
WakaT850sam cremer
Start Me UpRoss 930Paul Parsonage
ClockworkBakewell-White 37Steve Mair
MonotoneBR11Tony McAlwee
BlinkShaw 12Tony Wells
High VoltageElliott 1050Victoria Murdoch
RelapseYoung 50Mark Edwards
Moving ViolationElliott 7.9Ben Beasley
KickElliott 1050Brendan Sands
Non SoloDickson 50Gareth Cooke
Am MeerBavaria 38Geoff Thorn
SerenaThompson 38Josh Adams
TitaniumThompson 38Shane bellingham
Krakatoa IIPogo 40Matt Flynn