Krakatoa II

Design Pogo 40
Length 12m
Draft 3m
Displacement 4.5 t
Features / Modifications Carbon rig, retracting prod, square top main.
Yacht Strengths Reaching and running in breeze,
Yacht History Originally from France , a Class 40 design, designed by Conq Finot built in 2006.  Rugged and functional , water ballasted, powerful rig  with proven  off shore capability. Sailed out of Sydney for a while including  Sydney Hobart. Then to NZ where the boat won the Solo Trans Tasman. Did RNI Two handed and a few Coastal Classics and SSANZ races. Set up for shorthanded long distance, comfortable and fast sailing, but sleeps 8 and if you can cope with a single burner gimballed cooker and a toilet with no door, pretty comfortable cruising boat that has a big cockpit and heaps of space.

About Matt

Name Matthew Flynn
Age 58
From Auckland
Work Maritime Lawyer
Yacht Club NZ Multihull Yacht Club, RNZYS and RAYC
Why do you want to do the RNZ  A challenging and interesting course, great to sail with fellow two handed crews, always enjoy the SSANZ organisation and never been to Stewart Island. Nice to escape the Auckland heat in February.
What are the biggest races you’ve competed in Toughest was the Archipelago Raid in Sweden, an extreme 5 day race  sailed two handed on our F18 catamaran.
How did you get into sailing Parents enjoyed cruising with around the gulf as a young guy,  so enjoyed sailing. After enough paper rounds and working at KFC on the weekends bought an M class when I was about 18 school for $500 and it immediately sunk. Got it going and raced and cruised ever since.
Sailing background After a lot of swims on the Emmy, it got worse, I got into trimarans and bought a little 24 ft Crowther trimaran. Did the first Coastal at 19, and after awhile head overseas and did a lot of sailing in the Med, around the UK. Sailed on everything from an old Moth which fell apart while sailing, Bristol Pilot Cutters in France, a 60 ft expedition yacht to Antarctica, to Hamilton Island on Frank Racing. Secretly dream of winning the Route du Rhum sailing Macif.
How long have you 2 sailed together This is a new adventure for me and Scott so looking to combine our experience to have a safe and enjoyable adventure together.
Funny stories     Sailing my trimaran solo through a busy anchorage when the tiller broke. Resulted in 3 nice holes  in a Raven. No insurance, did the repairs and got asked to quote to do some other work that needed doing on the boat.
Scariest yachting moment Decent storm delivering a race boat from Sydney to Melbourne many years ago down in the Bass Strait.
What is your offshore vice Some pretty tasty home cooked biscuits my daughter makes.
What do you hope to get out of doing the RNZ Plenty of fresh air, sense of achievement and camaraderie with the other competitors and SSANZ team.
What inside tips do you have for others wanting to compete in 2 handed racing at this level Always watch out for your mate.

Take your time on every manoeuvre.

When the alarm goes at 4 am, its cold and wet, and you feel crap, get straight up.

There are ups and downs but try to enjoy it all.

Always watch out for your mate.

What’s your team motto Safety first.
Biggest yachting achievement Finishing the Archipelago raid in one piece.
Family Family and Friends keen to follow the event
When you cross the finish line, what will you be most hanging out for? It’s pretty much always a burger, something cold to wash away the salt, and a shower.

About Scott

Name Scott Wilson
Age 35
From Auckland
Work Sureway Civil – Land Development Engineers / Contractors
Why do you want to do the RNZ To tick the box and sail around NZ. Undertake the adventure with great mates.
What are the biggest races you’ve competed in Sydney to Hobart, Transatlantic, Fastnet, Round Britain and Ireland, Round Ireland and the Middle Sea Race, Auckland to Fiji and Noumea races.
How did you get into sailing A school mate of mine got me into keel boat sailing at the age of 16, he then convinced me to buy a Pied Piper at the age of 18 and the rest is history.
Sailing background At the age of 18 I joined the RNZYS Youth Programme coached by Kevin Peet and Sara Roberts (now Tucker). I spent two years in the scheme which taught me a huge amount about sailing skills, but also about life. From there I did all of the possible local offshore races on Hydroflow, an Elliott 50 owned by Ron Brittain. In 2006 I headed to Europe to captain a RP72 in the Mediterranean, followed by a stint in Italy (both 2007 and 2010) running a Farr 78, and in both 2009 and 2010 captain and race crew on a Cookson 50, Lee Overlay Partners, taking part in the Antigua 600 and Race Week, and all major European offshore regattas. Followed by the Dubai to Muscat race in 2013 (which we were briefed by the Navy about high speed smuggling boats – quite interesting).
How long have you 2 sailed together This will be the first race for myself and Matt. Logan Fraser (who will step onboard as co-skipper from Stewart Island to finish) and I have done many ocean racing and delivery miles together. We started sailing together 18 years ago and I have complete trust in his ability to sail the boat fast but also keep safety “front of mind.”
Funny stories     Far too many to list – may bring some out at the stop overs.
Scariest yachting moment Two actually – Delivering the V5 back from Noumea, we were hit by a strong front, surfing down the face of waves at 20+ knots (storm jib only). The entire bow section started delaminating. We made it into to Spirits Bay then the fun really started – that’s a story for another day. Same year I delivered Pussy Galore to Australia for her new owner – we were hit by a strong easterly storm which brought a large amount of sand from the outback with it. When we arrived in Sydney the white boat was completely red! We had two of the owner’s friends onboard who had done 40+ Hobarts between them (including 1998) and they commented that the conditions we had were some of the worst they had been in.
What is your offshore vice A good pesto pasta and wet wipes!
What do you hope to get out of doing the RNZ Spending time with like minded sailors and seeing new places.
What inside tips do you have for others wanting to compete in 2 handed racing at this level “Give it ten” before rushing sail changes make sure you are confident in the decision – changes can be challenging two handed so you need to be sure you are sailing in the right mode.
What’s your team motto Always look after your mate, there is nothing more important than safety.
Biggest yachting achievement 2nd PHS Sydney to Hobart and winning the Round Ireland overall
Family I am married to Diana and have 2 sons, Toby, 6 and Liam, 3
When you cross the finish line, what will you be most hanging out for? ? A cold beer and a good feed, then at some point a bed to crash in.


Age        36

From     Auckland

Work     Mulcahy Engineering – Production Centre Team Leader

Yacht Club  SSANZ


Why do you want to do the RNZ Competing in SSANZ events is always a highlight of my sailing calendar. I love the challenges and camaraderie that comes with short-handed sailing. So to have the opportunity to compete in the RNZ is an experience that couldn’t be missed.

What are the biggest races you’ve competed in My biggest offshore races include the Round Ireland, Middle Sea Race and Caribbean 600, as well as Auckland to Fiji and Noumea races. Have also completed 2 seasons competing on the World Match Racing Circuit.

How did you get into sailing  I starting sailing as a young teenager in the Pine Harbour Thursday Night Summer Series. A work colleague of my Mum invited us out on her Farr 9.2 called Itsafar. It’s where I also developed my taste for Rum and Coke….

Sailing background After getting hooked on the sport racing out of Pine Harbour I joined the BBYC Sailing Academy and then 2 years at the RNZYS Youth Training Programme. I purchased my fist boat with Scott Wilson in my early 20’s, an Elliot 770 called Real Deal. I was invited to join Kiwimatch Sailing Team and spent several years competing in match racing and sailing regattas around the world. We raced 2 years on the World Match Racing Circuit and were ranked as high as 5th in the World at one stage. During this time I also competed in several high profile offshore events and international race weeks. I have also competed locally and in Australia on TP52’s as well as been part of Beau Geste Sailing team on their TP52 and 80ft race yachts. I now own my own boat, a Ross 8m called C U Later which I hope to compete in the next RNI on. Sailing has given me the privilege of traveling the world to some unique locations whilst doing something I love which has been an incredible priviledge.

How long have you 2 sailed together I’ve had the privilege of knowing and sailing with Scott for over 18 years now. We’ve owned a boat together, competed in some of the biggest races together and had some of the best, funniest and craziest sailing adventures together. We both know each other’s strengths and weaknesses which will be invaluable to a successful race.

Funny stories  So many funny stories…. From Scott and I delivering a Beneteau down the English channel with the autohelm on and both of us asleep in the cockpit. The time lightening fused the kite halyard to the mast. Or the pizza box toilet on our first cruising trip on the Real Deal.

Scariest yachting moment  I think I have been quite lucky with my sailing that I have never been in a situation where I have truly felt scared. Plenty of times I have been on boats that are on the limit but have always felt in control of the situation. Probably the worst moment for me was sailing on my friends 8.5m tri and I fell off the bow whilst doing a job change in a squall. I was hanging on under one of the beams while the lads tried to stop the boat so I could climb back on board. That was a bit marginal.   

What is your offshore Vice Eat too many bags of snakes.

What do you hope to get out of doing the RNZ  A sense of achievement. To accomplish a challenge that only a few sailors have had the privilege of doing. A to see some of the countries spectacular coastline.

What inside tips do you have for others wanting to compete in 2 handed racing at this level  Ensure you are confident in performing any task on the boat, cold, wet tired and in the dark. It’s no good just being a good helmsman when you need to find a fuel leak in the bilge at 2am after a long watch.

What’s your team motto Always look after your mate, there is nothing more important than safety.

Biggest yachting achievement Winning the 2009 NZ Match Racing Nationals. Winning the 2011 Nations Cup Grand Final in Sheboygan, USA.

Family  My Mum is my biggest supporter and I know my Dad will be looking down on me to ensure a safe trip.

When you cross the finish line, what will you be most hanging out for? Sleep!