Design Elliott 1050
Sail Number  6962
Length overall  10.50m
Length waterline  9.7m
Beam  3.7m
Draft  2.35m
About the boat: High Voltage is an Elliott 1050, designed by Greg Elliott and built by Eagle Yachts and is the 4th of the 4 Elliott 1050’s in this event. High Voltage is based in Christchurch and is our most southern entry in the 2020 RNI.
High Voltage will be skippered in the RNI by Victoria Murdoch and Emily Riley. Victoria and Emily are the only all-female entry in the 2020 RNI.

High Voltage has a strong race record competiting in events across the South Island. High Voltage will be in the mix and keen to prove that they bring not only southern charm but serious competition to the other boats in their division.

Home base Lyttelton
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    Name Victoria Murdoch
    Age 48
    From Christchurch
    Relationship to Co – Skipper Friend
    Yacht Club Naval Point Yacht Club & SSANZ
    Tell us a little about your sailing history/ background I was not one to come through the dinghy classes with most of my sailing after my 20’s.

    My father sailed and we went out with him, but he died when I was young, so it was a few years after that before I really got into sailing. And I have become hooked, buying my first boat – a Young 88, Smokey. We did some miles in her, up and down the coast and some smaller offshore races. I think she thought she was bigger than she was! After that was a syndicate yacht – Jive Talkin, a Davidson 35. Then High Voltage, my dream boat came along, I had wanted an Elliott 1050 for a long time. She is such a honey, sea kindly, comfortable and reasonably fast.

    What appeals most about doing the RNI It’s the ultimate challenge!
    What are your essential food items during the race? We have three – gingernuts, carrots and chocolate!
    What do you like most about the boat you are sailing on? What is not to like?
    Describe your co-skipper in 5 words: An over enthusiastic optimist!
    Whats your biggest fear when you think about the RNI? A rather large storm!
    Tell us about your biggest supporters: We are really lucky and have lots, so we better do our best for them.
    To name a few – Viki Moore, who was going to do the race with me – hence VM2 – who due to unfortunate circumstances had to pull out and is now our shore manager.
    Johnny my partner, who doesn’t moan about the boat bills, kicks me out of the house to go sailing – LOL – and puts up with endless boat chatter even though he is not a yachty.
    Our coach – Matt Stechmann, and the Hurricane team who have done most of the work on the boat – and I always want things a little different to the rest!
    Our Canterbury sailing family who have supported, given advice and come out on the water with us when needed. We may be two handed racing but there is a big team from the south!
    Whats most exciting/challenging about this race for you? Looking forward to the sense of achievement. We have put everything into this race, mostly in isolation of the rest of the fleet. Race day will be the first time we mix it up and see how we will go!


    Name Emily Riley
    Age  46
    From Christchurch
    Yacht Club Naval Point Yacht Club
    Tell us a little about your sailing history/background Although my first memories are sailing when I was 3 years old (naked and harnessed to the mast!), up until the last 10 years my sailing could be described as sporadic. Since then I’ve found my passion with sailing keel boats and in 2017 I completed a solo circumnavigation of New Zealand on my first boat, Honey. Last year I participated in my first Sydney Hobart race, in addition to other regattas and races in Australia and New Zealand. I’m a relative new-comer to two handed sailing and looking forward to the challenge of the RNI.
    What appeals most about doing the RNI? The challenge and showing what we can do!
    What will your meals be like during the race? Copious quantities and frequent – I’m always hungry when I’m out on the water!
    Describe your co skipper in 5 words Meticulously organised proud boat owner!
    Tell us about your training and buildup for the RNI both on and off the water: Doing 150 full press ups a day, and getting as much time as I can on the water!
    Whats your biggest fear when you think about the RNI? Anything that gets in the way of getting us to the start line!
    Tell us about your biggest supporters: We are backed by an awesome shore crew. Led by Viki Moore, who is coordinating our onshore logistics and media profile. We have Matt Stechmann as our coach, who is supporting us to get the best out of ourselves and High Voltage. And our other shore crew who will be joining us at stopovers, not to mention my husband Tim who as well as carrying out the engine maintenance has accepted that he has lost me to the RNI over the next few months!