• LEG ONE: Saturday 19th of February 2022, 0900. Westhaven to the entrance of Mangonui Harbour (approx. 154nm)
  • LEG TWO: Entrance of Mangonui Harbour to Tauranga Harbour (approx. 230nm)
  • LEG THREE: Tauranga Harbour to Auckland Harbour (approx. 126nm)

The Fleet.

  • Bird On a Wing – Mike Malcolm
    Drinks Trolley – Nicholas Gardiner
    Duty Free – Andrew Mackmurdie
    Favourite – Andrew Aitken
    Gale Force – Ken Ormandy
    INDIS – Andrew Benton
    Kaimai Flyer – Claudia Pierce
    Kaizen – Simon Manning
    Kotuku – Angus Small
    Legacy III – Ryan Wiblin
    Mindbender – David Wood
    Miss Scarlet – William Goodfellow
    Motorboat – Alan Quere
    Mr Kite – Nathan Williams
    Niksen – Logan Fraser
    Ocean Pearl – Danny Simms
    Oceans Tribute – Guy Chester
    Odyssey – Garry Coleman
    Open Country – Adrian McHardy
    Pelagian II – Matt Burkhardt
    Penury – Mike Paauwe
  • Princess – Jon Nash
    Real Deal – Stu Innes
    Relapse – Mark Edwards
    Rocky – Luke Judge
    Rogue – Josh Tucker
    Romanza – Dougall Love
    Rum Bucket – Quintin Fowler
    Sailutions – Corey McLennan
    Shimmer II – Ben Freedman
    Simply the best – Chris Dent
    Sister Moonshine – David Stanton
    Sniper – Phil Clark
    Southern Fun – Aaron Hume-Merry
    T Rex – Lanny Walker
    The Entertainer – Peter Locke
    Titanium – Shane Bellingham
    Vixen – Scott Fickling
    Waka – Sam Cremer
    Whichway – Bruce Gault
    Wired – Andrew Duff
    Young Entertainer – Craig Anderson


  • Entries open at 1900, Sunday 16th May 2020 for SSANZ members. As the race has sold out and there are already boats on the waitlist we will NOT be holding the Non-SSANZ members on Tuesday 18th May 2020 as planned.
  • Entry is strictly limited to 50 boats. If required a waitlist system will apply after this.
  • Race entry fee is $900 for SSANZ Members, and $1000 for non SSANZ Members. Entry fees are non-refundable (joining SSANZ costs just $75 per year).
  • Entry is not transferrable to another boat/skipper. Skippers can transfer entry from one yacht to another – e.g to accommodate the sale and purchase of a new yacht prior to the start of the race – with the same skipper racing with the approval of SSANZ. No other transfers are possible.
  • Boats must be either a Monohull yacht bigger than 7.923m or a multihull yacht 10.0m or bigger, and must hold a current Category 3 Safety Certificate for the duration of the race. All other entry requirements as detailed in the Notice of Race must be met.
  • Both skippers are required to attend Race Briefing on Thursday 17th February 2022, RNZYS at 19:00.
  • Entrants are required to complete, and supply a number of documents as part of our Safety, Media and Race Management Requirements. Failure to do this by the nominated date may result in your race entry being cancelled and your entry being offered to the next yacht/skipper on the waitlist.
  • Entrants are required to meet certain other standards and requirements as detailed in the NOR, including YNZ category 3 safety requirements.
  • Additional information relating to this race can be found in the Notice of Race. We strongly encourage all skippers to carefully read this document, and understand all racing requirements prior to entering this race.


  • The race entry fee.
  • A set of two race t-shirts and two caps valued at over $100.
  • Two tickets to the Evolution Sails Northern Triangle prize giving to be held in Auckland in March 2022 (additional tickets will be available for purchase in late 2021 at a cost of $75 each).


  • All 50 spots have been taken – so a waitlist system will apply to additional entries.
  • The waitlist can be joined by purchasing a ‘Ticket’ for $150
  • Wait listed boats will be offered spots as/if they become available in the order they join the waitlist.
  • In the event that a wait listed boat is offered a spot – they will have 48 hours to accept and pay the remaining entry fee. If they decline when offered a spot – the wait list fee will be forfeited.
  • A yacht can withdraw from the wait list any time before they are offered a spot and receive a full refund of the $150 wait list fee